MADNY ONE WRITER, AND ONE ALMOST-WRITER'S, QUEST FOR THE LAST GREAT TABOO... SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2007 The end of Madny Raouf and I have gone our separate ways (we argued. stupidly) and so it is only right that Madny comes to an end, as I can't make it mine alone. It was a project of sorts during an unsettled period for me, and for Raouf it was a virtual outlet for his fantasies and opinions. I hope to post new blog addresses for both of us soon. Love, Elly POSTED BY MADNY  AT  11:09 AM   4 COMMENTS   LINKS TO THIS POST     LABELS:  NO MORE MADNY The end of The Family Drama My friend's family is worse than my family, I know. Her mother says things to her like: 'You'll never have children'. I don't understand how she puts up with it; bluntness and rudeness is not my family's thing. My family are polite and helpful to the last. My mother has never said anything nasty to me. When we looked after my beloved niece Safiya together last weekend, she brought a